Community is a word that is often overused and has a variety of meanings. We see Community as that bond between families, that “family of families.”  Not only do our films often discuss through storytelling the values of community and the important role they play in our lives, but also we often go into smaller communities, or involve organizations and their community to actually make our films!  Beginning with Rust, Home Theater Films has found great value and purpose in breaking away from Hollywood tradition, and taking the filmmaking process to “the heartland,” engaging locals, both in front of and behind the camera.  We feel that not only does this lend an authenticity in our projects, but serves a greater purpose by fueling local economies, supporting organizations, and introducing the exciting world of storytelling to a potential new generation of young filmmakers.

Akron, OH

Home of the All American Soap Box Derby.  After a full year, embedded deep into this incredible community, not only did we come out with a great family film in 25 Hill, the Derby rescued, but also a family of friends that will be with us forever. Like Kipling and Provost, this great city and community with a rich history of innovation also funded the movie as well as 3 Day Test!  It’s a stop for any family wanting to experience American innovation. Please visit:

All American Soap Box Derby

Often our films and television projects start with a greater purpose.  When we heard that the long tradition of The All American Soap Box Derby was in danger due to financial concerns, Home Theater Films saw it as a “call to action.”  What we discovered along the way was that the Derby and all it encompasses is everything we as a company believe in: the values and the importance of family involvement with our children’s lives.  Please give a visit to their website and hopefully you’ll be inspired to join a new generation of Derby Racers!



Another fantastic Canadian town located 3 hours east of Edmonton, Alberta… Provost was the setting for Beyond The Heavens.  A town that has roots both in farming and oil, it provided an exquisite backdrop for the film.  The local talent in the movie and those who helped behind the scenes were superb. Like Kipling, local citizens also funded the film!  Give them a look here:


This great farming community about 90 minutes from Regina, Saskatchewan was hugely supportive in the making of our film Rust. Not only did they fund the film - literally, they opened their doors and hearts to us. We will be forever thankful.  Please check this magnificent town here:

One Red Paper Clip

One could argue that this incredible online phenomenon devised by Canadian Kyle McDonald was the starting point for our journey.  Suffice to say that Kyle used an online community to trade a red paperclip all the way up to a house!  Along the way, Corbin saw the power of this community and jumped into the fray. That led him to Kipling, Saskatchewan, the small farming community that gave Kyle his house, and Corbin Rust.  To learn more about this inspiring community effort, please check out: