In Development


When a small American community learns that the Government refuses to make a deal with a Mexican drug lord who has kidnapped a teenage girl from their church while on Mission trip to Mexico - in exchange for his own son who sits in a U.S. prison - a mixed bag of men from the congregation take matters into their own hands.

The fractious group includes the town’s reluctant sheriff, the girl’s boyfriend, an Iraqi war vet, a local hunter, and the girl’s grandfather, a grizzled old man who has long given up on God and the American way.  Even though they’re in a real world drug war zone, the sometimes humorous group is never too far from being a poor imitation of Hollywood action heroes.

All the while, the teenage girl, through prayer and her unyielding faith in God, keeps the small group of teens abducted along with her calm, and ultimately aiding in their final escape. Through it all old wounds begin to heal and faith is restored, especially for the girl’s grandfather, the one who has truly been “saved.”

Bobby 7

Newlywed lawyers Clark and Madison Stevens make one more vow on their wedding night – to never have kids! Ever!  Encouraged by their boss’ guarantee to move up the ladder at their firm, they accept an strange offer to test a new “product” for one of the firm’s biggest clients; Robotech. Excitement turns to dismay and panic when they discover that the product is a seven-year old, human like, robot boy named “Bobby 7.”  To make matters worse, the “test drive” must begin immediately, just as they’re about to leave for their Hawaiian Honeymoon!

From special instructions that Bobby isn’t waterproof to bad people from a rival company trying to steal Bobby’s unique technological secrets, Clark and Madison have to fight to keep Bobby safe, and along the way learn what it truly means to be a parent; the joys, the fear, but most importantly the love a child brings.

Forever Island

The Bradfords, your typical all American family; mom, dad, two kids and a dog, need to go “off grid” and reconnect as a family. Their Hawaiian vacation, which was meant to do the trick, isn’t working so dad decides a two-day chartered sail out on the Pacific with zero connectivity, a vacation from their vacation, is the answer.

When a storm breaks apart their sailboat the first night and throws its old sea captain overboard, the Bradfords find themselves stranded, adrift in a sea of uncertainty – literally! After two lean days at sea, hope comes in the shape of a small spec on the horizon, a remote island!  The currents and some hard core paddling miraculously get them to it. At first glance it looks like paradise. But strange things quickly begin to happen, not the least of which is the discovery of a small community of people – about sixty in all - families from all parts of the world living in magnificent tree houses, without electricity, eating off the land. Their “leader,” eccentric Englishman called Doc, welcomes them with open arms, but beneath his broad smile a sinister secret is just a breath away.

Despite the oddity of their surroundings the Bradfords seem content. After all this is “unplugging” on steroids! This truly is paradise! Their young son however, Cooper, a curious twelve year old isn’t so sure; too many strange things lurking outside their village, buried in the jungle.

Using intuition, teen age ingenuity and the help of his faithful dog Corey, Cooper finds a way around those  “protecting Doc’s secret,” fights them off, and unravels the mystery of the island; a sinister, elaborate experiment using a hi tech, scientific invention hidden in deep the jungle to control the minds of the island’s inhabitants, all of whom were criminals in their respective countries before arriving there.  In a most strange fashion, funded by a British Corporation for the last twenty years, Doc and his “Refresher Machine” have been testing a long time “cure for crime” and the subsequent overcrowding of jails across the globe.  The lesson learned; whatever the outcome, free will, above all, is the only way we can truly become and remain civilized human beings.


“Be careful what you wish for…” Three kids growing in a small farming community learn this lesson in a way that not only jeopardizes everything they’ve come to know and love, but their very existence.

A leading gaming company has offered a One Million Dollar prize for whoever can create the “Next Big Game.”  Taking up the challenge our three tech savvy farm kids, knowing money can fix all their problems and starved for a bigger world outside their little community, create “Farmtown,” a virtual game that allows anyone, anywhere to build up their own town, adding anything and everything they’ve ever dreamed of or wanted!

Great on paper, or on screen, but step out onto Main Street and that dream now actually exists… it’s another story altogether. Progress has a way, once out of control, taking on a life of it’s own, making no exceptions for what we hold near and dear. Our heroes, now locked in a real life version of the world they’ve created, must fight to win back control and stop the progress before they, and Farmtown are eliminated altogether.