Our Mission

To strengthen family and community - the foundation of any society - through exciting, thought provoking storytelling that inspires discussion, and the creation of new tools to restore and rebuild home, community and a better world.

About Home Theater Films

At a time when so much is being discussed on what to do to turn America around, Home Theater Films produces and distributes "smart family films" with the belief that any changes on a personal or national level must begin with the family. The strength of our nation is built on the bedrock of family and community.

Virtually every television set sold today is capable of creating a "Home Theater Experience." It is our mission to create content specifically for that - The Home Theater. Our films are meant to be viewed as a Family Experience for all ages and more often than not, generate exploration and discussion through their themes.

Further, it is also our goal that this communal family experience creates a solid value proposition during tough economic times. Our first run, original content of well-crafted, full length feature films experienced by a family of four in the comfort of their own home greatly reduces the cost of the "movie experience" while maintaining the excitement of it. Our films include both dramas and comedy but ALWAYS explore themes that are both relevant and deserving of further discussion once the lights are turned back on. Home Theater Films are not only meant to motivate family interaction, but also inspire new ways to approach life and strengthen family and community.